Idea Validation

Get the Affirmation for Your Prototype

An important aspect of startup validation is to interview consumers in your target market and find out what they think of your concept or product before you invest too much time and money into it. Techdots, help you navigate these complexities on each step.

  • Analyses of unbiased consumer data
  • Identify market needs
  • Launching the right products to the market

What we do for Idea Validations

We have built a strong connection across the community by consuming and collecting a wide range of data. This assists us in mapping out the untapped market and target niche for multiple start-ups. By pinning out the required market, our team investigates the key benefits of launching your particular product, thus creating an ecosystem for the perfect launch.

Design, Test & Validate New Ideas

Innovation Accelerator

Our experts coach the teams in developing the ideas into concepts. At the end of the accelerator your decision-making board can decide which ideas to take forward. For one, building a resilient future could mean creating a new, disruptive digital product. For another, it could be a radical rethink of the way they work. Rather than trying to fix everything at once, we’ll help you focus on the changes that will have the biggest impact for your business.

Innovation Island

Bring your idea's and idea owner's to our online premises to be rapidly developed into a validated business concept, pivoted or killed. Techdots multi-disciplinary team with design, business design and development competences will be creating new business for you. After validation or implementation, the new business will be integrated back.

Let's Co-Create the Future

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