Tenna is a technology platform designed for construction companies to transform the way they manage their equipment fleet operations. The business has an estimated revenue of $145,000 per employee and earns approximately $7.5m each year.


The client was looking for a partner to provide Ruby on Rails, React, and GraphQL services. They wanted us to build a simple website with a strong focus on their products, solutions, and pricing. Additionally, Tenna needed to optimize the view layer for their web and mobile app by creating a clean, interactive UI. Their developers needed assistance with fast APIs that could let them extract information from data sources in one API call.

The Challenge

Tenna had many things going on at once, and the project was time and mission-critical, considering the scale of their operations. Our remote-ready consultants at Techdots had to coordinate with their senior managers who worked in a different time zone. We arranged a discovery workshop where we identified the following issues:

  • For several years, Tenna depended on a website with outdated functionalities that were not at par with current standards. They had to get up to speed as soon as possible or lose out on market opportunities.
  • There was no clear roadmap of how they wished to implement their website development and maintenance plan. Without our consultation, there was a risk of the process becoming time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  • There were complex integration problems that made it difficult for their existing setup to stay in sync with other connected systems.

Our Solution

As one of the leading global web development service providers, Techdots customized a software solution according to Tenna’s precise requirements. Within a quick turnaround time, we came up with a systematic plan that covered the deliverables and technical support. We automated the majority of their rote tasks and devised a QA and testing process that ensured zero downtime and website glitches. Tenna successfully shifted its focus on getting more business while dedicating only one hour a week to review any IT-related issues.


We equipped Tenna’s web and mobile app with the latest, easy-to-navigate features and functionalities. Users working on the field could easily view their reported location and update their asset information from any place. The revamped app was able to operate flawlessly with GPS trackers, QR tags and verify data flow.Tenna had complete visibility into the workflows, giving them better project-level control of equipment and resource utilization. We integrated all information including safety, compliance, and job costing into their website that provided everything visitors needed to know. This reduced the number of support tickets for their IT department, and Tenna also benefitted from purchase controls as well as fleet transparency.

Our Technology Stack

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