Syncta is a leading backflow testing application that simplifies enterprise workflows by reducing paperwork, monitoring data, and streamlining customer service tasks. Valued at $3 billion, the company is transforming into an IoT-ready organization.


The client was interested in collaborating with a cost-efficient solution provider who could implement Ruby on Rails and build a solution for Android/iOS. Initially, they had outsourced the project to another partner that failed to meet their testing needs.

The Challenge

When we accepted Syncta’s project, there were time and budget constraints, and we needed to ensure that there was no scope creep. Furthermore, the previous service provider had left the project at a critical time, leading to backlogs, delays, and financial setbacks for the company.

Our Solution

When Techdots took ownership, Syncta was moving towards IoT, and they were remodeling their business functions. As a 360-degree solution provider, we met their Azure IoT hub and hardware integration needs. Throughout our partnership, we maintained control of Syncta’s site deployments, architecture design, feature planning, production support, and upgrades.


Techdots coordinated with all the internal and external stakeholders of Syncta’s project. We liaised with their management, team leads, and partners to provide technical solutions to complex problems that threatened their bottom line.Our team ensured that they could continue with their daily operations by offering high availability (HA) solutions and a high level of technical support. Also, by augmenting their automation efforts, we saved their clientele hours of valuable time and money they would otherwise have lost in manually writing up worksheets and reports.

Our Technology Stack

Work with future-proof technologies

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Vue JS
Ruby on Rails
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