Guestit embarked on a transformative journey to modernize their vacation rental business, recognizing the need to enhance their online presence and streamline booking processes. Collaborating with Techdots, they envisioned a comprehensive web app solution that would revolutionize the way guests book their accommodations.

Integration with Leading Platforms:

One of the key objectives of the project was to seamlessly integrate the web app with industry-leading platforms such as Hostaway and This integration ensured that Guestit could manage their property listings efficiently across multiple channels, expanding their reach and maximizing bookings.

Enhanced User Experience:

The user interface of the web app was designed to mirror the simplicity and intuitiveness of Airbnb while incorporating additional features to enrich the booking experience. Guests could effortlessly browse through available properties, view detailed descriptions and images, and make reservations directly through the platform.

Advanced Backend Functionality:

Behind the sleek user interface lay a robust backend system, meticulously developed to handle various aspects of property management and booking processing. Techdots implemented custom features tailored to Guestit's specific requirements, empowering them to manage bookings, track occupancy rates, and generate insightful reports for informed decision-making.

Direct Booking Capability:

With the new web app in place, Guestit could offer guests the convenience of booking apartments directly from their website, bypassing third-party platforms like Airbnb. This direct booking capability not only simplified the booking process but also allowed Guestit to establish a closer relationship with their guests, fostering trust and loyalty.


Through collaboration with Techdots, Guestit successfully modernized their vacation rental business with a full-blown web app solution. By integrating with industry-leading platforms, enhancing user experience, and enabling direct bookings, Guestit positioned themselves for sustained growth and success in the competitive vacation rental market.

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