Apto Payments

Apto Payments is a next-generation card and payments platform that designs and implements unique card programs for its customers. Currently, the company has 20+ employees and annual revenue amounting to $7.2m.


The client approached our team at Techdots with a brief for the following easy-to-use features on both desktop and mobile devices:

  • Pre-authentication and secure card transactions
  • Disputes resolution landing page
  • Settlement and balance management
  • Multi-wallet support for multiple currencies (Crypto, IVR setup, and microservices architecture backed by Sinatra base API)

The Challenge

Previously, the client had an outdated website with poor UX/UI, leading to frequent crashes that impacted business. After conducting a discovery workshop with our team, they realized that their website required a complete overhaul with the latest design elements. Their priority was to migrate seamlessly to a new platform and resume operations without compromising performance.

Our Solution

Our team analyzed the client’s requirements and built a solution according to the given timeline and budget. We developed and maintained a fully customized website with a focus on their core products and the following aspects:

  • Latest, interactive designs with clear CTA buttons
  • Suitable for mobile platforms
  • Streamlined management of queries and orders for enterprise card programs and instant debit card issuance in the US


Using cutting-edge, full-stack technologies, our developers delivered a solution that enabled the client to focus on generating revenue instead of dealing with technical problems. They were satisfied with what Techdots provided:

  • Their website ranks on the first page in search engines including Google
  • Maximum users are signing up for their product
  • Sales figures have gone up by at least 3X
  • Post-launch e-commerce website management training ensured that the client did not encounter any support-related issues
  • Migrated to a mobile-ready platform with zero downtime
  • Created a user-friendly solution with optimized, real-time data flow

Our Technology Stack

Work with future-proof technologies

React JS
Node JS
Vue JS
Ruby on Rails
Next JS